350 Bush /
500 Pine
San Francisco, CA

350 Bush /
500 Pine

350 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA

350 Bush Street is a 19-story office tower which incorporates the historic landmark San Francisco Mining Exchange Building as its principal entry. The historic existing building, originally constructed as the Mining Exchange in 1923, was later used briefly as the Stock Exchange and subsequently as the Curb Exchange through the 1930s. The historic exchange hall will be used as a grand lobby for a modern office building.

The building will provide 360,000 sf of office space with a dramatic galleria at the street level as well as a mid-block pedestrian link between Bush and Pine Streets. By utilizing rusticated stone cladding with glass curtain wall accents and ornamental balconies, Exchange Place demonstrates a balance between antique and modern, expressing a unique vocabulary of forms and shapes. Seeking LEED Platinum certification, the building utilizes various environmentally advanced technologies.

The site is distinctly complex, involving various neighborhood constraints. As such, the approval process resulted in the incorporation of provisions for outdoor space and the conveyance of rooftop space on a neighboring parcel for expansion of St. Mary’s Square.

500 Pine is located in the downtown core at the corner of Pine and Kearny Streets. The approved design for this 14,000 sf site is a 50,000 sf office building. The dramatic curved corner is a gesture to the importance of this downtown urban intersection and the rooftop crown of the corner serves as a one-story outdoor frame with a glass trellis.

The project is seeking a LEED Silver certification and includes a rooftop garden connected to St. Mary’s Park. The height of the building was established by the adjacent St. Mary’s Square city park.

The first four stories of the building are full-floor plates and the fifth story is a partial floor plate opening onto the park, yet the fifth floor and mechanical penthouse fall within the allowable shadow envelope. One full basement level with parking sits over a partial sub-basement level, intended for building support services.


Location: San Francisco, CA
Building Size: 385,000 S.F. (Bush), 50,000 S.F. (Pine)
Services: Development, Leasing & Management
Type: Office



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Brandon Wang