Sustainability & ESG Solutions

At Lincoln, our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) solutions and strategies are grounded in our shared values, and our commitment to ensure accountability in all that we do. We recognize that the decisions we make have long-term impacts on the buildings we build and operate, the tenants and staff that work within them, and the communities we serve. To that end, we are committed to forecasting, tracking, reducing, and offsetting our environmental impacts—and we embrace sustainability, diversity, and innovation as key pillars for our ESG success.

Lincoln’s Sustainability & ESG Solutions team partners with our clients and industry specialists to offer best practices and tools that align their business plans and space use with their broader ESG goals. Through these strategies and services, Lincoln and our partners have executed multiple projects that lead the way in sustainable development, redevelopment, build-to-suit, and property management.

In addition to our employees’ extensive knowledge and expertise, we also provide a wealth of resources to support decision-making and help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. We offer a wide range of Sustainability References, Guides, and Checklists. These comprehensive tools are updated annually and shared with our property managers, as well as our clients and tenants, as desired.

Meredith Kovach
Senior Vice President

Abbey Ehman
Vice President