Get paid with virtual cards faster

Lincoln Property Company has adopted a new virtual credit card payment program, VendorPay, as its standard for paying all vendors going forward. Payment via this new platform, which uses virtual credit cards, is more secure and efficient than payment via check. Vendors who opt-in to VendorPay will be placed on a preferred vendor list shared across the Lincoln portfolio.

Key benefits
  • Faster payment (as fast as 48 hours)
  • Preferred vendor status for a major national property management company
  • Better security (no sharing of sensitive bank data)
  • Save some trees (eliminate paper checks and manual processing!)
How to opt in

Complete the short form on the right side of this page by providing:

  • Company name
  • A payment remittance email address (generally on accounting inbox)
  • Company EIN
What’s next?

No further action from you! Digital payments will be rolled out to your payment remittance email address as quickly as possible. Prepare for faster payments!

Your preferred email to receive digital payments
FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) is used to match to your accounting profile
Vendor Trade/Industry (select up to 2)
Vendor Certifications/Designations (optional, check all that apply)
Please list the names of the Lincoln properties you service. Separate with commas if there is more than one.
Please list the name or email address of the Lincoln contact that you coordinate your services with.
Please list the name or email address of the Lincoln contact that referred you to complete this page.

Contact us

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