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Acquisitions & Investments

In addition to our comprehensive services offering, Lincoln Property Company is widely recognized as a leading owner and operator of commercial real estate, actively acquiring and investing in commercial properties and mixed-use properties across the United States and Europe.

We leverage our dual role as an end-to-end service provider and a principal investor, taking advantage of our unique access to information and relationships to source, evaluate, and execute on value creation strategies that consistently deliver superior performance.

With a performance history spanning six decades, our Acquisitions & Investment professionals have allowed Lincoln to establish a stellar track record for delivering best-in-class services for our clients and partners worldwide.

Our regional teams offer on-the-ground insights and comprehensive acquisition services, including rigorous due diligence support, asset and market evaluations, and in-depth financial analyses. These services are delivered in a highly professional, streamlined format, enabling our clients to make well-informed strategic investment decisions. We also provide holistic investment support that empowers our clients to execute within an ever-fluid landscape of product, market, and project considerations.

Lincoln’s team of seasoned professionals brings together a wealth of expertise, an extensive network of relationships, and a broad base of capabilities to help navigate complex real estate challenges and provide thoughtful solutions. With relationships spanning industries, geographies, and practice areas, we are able to originate unique opportunities and source new acquisitions and partnerships. These relationships also provide tremendous credibility in the market, allowing our clients to benefit from Lincoln’s industry reputation and global reach.

At Lincoln, we work with our clients and partners to transform high-level ideas into successful investments. With our ownership approach and commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner dedicated to each client’s success in originating and executing on new investments.

  • Sourcing New Acquisition Opportunities
  • Financial Analysis & Underwriting
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Lease Analysis & Auditing
  • Market Intelligence & Assessment
  • Asset & Systems Evaluation
  • Debt & Equity Placement
  • JV & Ownership Structuring
  • Recapitalizations & Dispositions

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