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Property Management

Lincoln Property Company is committed to ensuring our clients meet their financial objectives and performance expectations for their properties. Our Property Management team works closely with each client to tailor a comprehensive management plan that will achieve their asset goals. We think and operate like owners, scrutinizing every detail to maximize efficiencies, preserve capital, and optimize returns.

Lincoln’s Property Managers create premier environments and engaging tenant experiences, delivering proactive service and responsive support to help attract and retain the best tenants for each property. Our experienced professionals sharpen their skills with ongoing education and training to ensure leading-edge asset performance and produce the best results for our investor clients and their tenants.

At Lincoln, we continually enhance our capabilities, systems, and approach—leveraging the latest technologies and the innovations of our expert staff to deliver an all-encompassing suite of property management services to optimize your real estate investments.

Business Planning, Accounting & Reporting

We have built a robust framework for our comprehensive financial reporting and accounting services to provide clear insights into your investment’s performance. We carefully manage balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and general ledgers, ensuring transparency and precision.

Lease & Contract Administration

Our adept team manages lease & contract administration on your behalf, ensuring compliance and efficient management of tenant agreements, and freeing you from administrative burdens.

Leasing Support 

For every property we manage, we support the leasing team by ensuring an efficiently run, beautifully maintained building to attract new tenants, and an engaging environment and elevated tenant experience to help increase renewals.

Personnel Recruiting, Mentoring & Training

Lincoln prioritizes our people with talent development and training programs that equip property management staff with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Project Management

These services help manage and support tenant and property improvement projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. They also help preserve your capital investment and enhance your property’s appeal.

Quality Assurance 

Our relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in our Quality Assurance processes. Rigorous checks and balances help ensure  your property is managed with the highest standards of quality and care.

Responsive Engineering, Mechanical & Preventive Maintenance

These services help ensure the smooth operation of your building systems, and protect your assets and equipment. Regular maintenance checks and prompt response to engineering and mechanical issues are integral parts of our service offerings.

Tenant Relations & Retention

Our robust engagement strategies focus on building strong relationships with each tenant. By providing excellent customer service, we foster tenant satisfaction and retention, ensuring a stable tenant base for your property.

At Lincoln, our property management services are meticulously designed to optimize property performance, preserve capital, and deliver responsive support. Our clients can trust us to ensure the success of their real estate investments every step of the way.


  • Business Planning, Accounting & Reporting
  • Energy Conservation & Sustainability
  • Preventive Maintenance & Engineering
  • Lease & Contract Administration
  • Construction Management Oversight
  • Quality Assurance, Controls & Standards
  • Robust Tenant Relations Programs
  • Effective Marketing & Leasing Support
  • Enhanced Vendor Services & Savings

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