Global Studios

Lincoln Property Company owns, operates, and develops studios, sound stages, and studio/production campuses across the U.S. Through our Global Studios platform, we stand apart in the industry as a national owner/developer with a dedicated team offering acquisition, construction management, development, and operating capabilities tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of the growing studio/production sector.

Our Global Studios team delivers exceptional studio experiences by combining industry expertise with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of creatives and production crews.  We are known for the “white glove” brand of service we provide to our clients and we go the extra mile to offer state-of-the-art technology and services. Our goal is to help our clients create one-of-a-kind studio environments that are conducive to creativity and productivity, and help facilitate the development of successful performances and productions.

Lincoln’s Global Studios team is advising on and constructing projects worth more than $2 billion. Our portfolio includes more than 12 sound stages occupied by leading studios, production companies, and streaming service providers worldwide. With a strategic approach and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, we have set the gold standard for studio campus experiences in the United States, leading the development of innovative and cost-efficient filming and production facilities across the country.

Our Operations team has extensive experience managing premier studio campuses in Hollywood, and beyond. We also recognize the importance of emerging production markets and have made significant strides in Georgia, New York, and multiple international locations. This expansion further solidifies our leading position in this exciting sector.

As the studio/production industry evolves, Lincoln remains committed to delivering ideation, innovation, unmatched service and groundbreaking technology for our clients. We understand that production success depends on many factors, and we address these needs with skill, expertise, and care.

With Lincoln’s Global Studios platform, you can expect a world-class experience that will elevate your production environment and capabilities to new heights.

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