Lincoln Property Company’s Mixed-Use team has made its mark in cities, communities and neighborhoods around the globe. Leveraging the energy and expertise of our seasoned professionals, our renowned portfolio of  mixed-use developments across the U.S., U.K., and Europe is synonymous with quality, innovation and success.

As a leader in the real estate development industry, our approach has been fueled by the strategic partnerships we have established with the global market’s largest institutional owners and investors. This collaborative spirit extends to our work with local municipalities and key stakeholders, ensuring that our developments are not only financially successful but also beneficial to the communities in which they’re located.

Lincoln’s portfolio of multifamily development is a testament to our diverse capabilities, with significant projects in pre-development or under construction, including over 8,000 multifamily units completed or under construction, and over $7.4 billion in active mixed-use projects.

Our portfolio of projects showcases Lincoln’s adaptability and innovative vision, including ground-up specific designs, build-to-suit spaces, and the revitalization of existing structures. Each project we undertake aims to help create a vibrant, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that commands attention from premium occupants, local residents, and travelers from across the globe.

Lincoln is driving the evolution of mixed-use development. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable growth continues to set us apart, reinforcing our position as a leading force in the industry’s mixed-use segment.

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