Lincoln Property Company's Dallas office is the epicenter of our global organization and the birthplace of our success. Established in 1965, our Dallas operations stand as a testament to our longevity, resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Throughout our rich history, Lincoln’s Dallas team has led the way in redefining the real estate landscape in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our industry-acclaimed professionals currently lease and manage over 9 million square feet of space, further solidifying our reputation as a dominant player in the local marketplace.

In the last 15 years, Lincoln’s Dallas-based teams have also developed and acquired over 6 million square feet of commercial space, allowing us to seize opportunities, drive growth and create lasting value for our clients. As an international real estate firm, we offer a comprehensive suite of value-added services designed to provide strategic insights, drive efficiencies and deliver optimal results for clients across a variety of industry sectors. Our substantial presence in each market we serve is a reflection of our commitment to delivering services that meet the unique needs of real estate tenants, investors, lenders and owners.


8111 Douglas Avenue
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75225
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